Xbox Gaming Tips

You know, some would say that the Xbox is obsolete, but I couldn’t disagree more. There are a lot of good video games for that system that could have easily been missed by many people. The reason for this is because there are so many games being released nowadays, missing those “hidden gems” is actually […]

Halo Multiplayer – Game Tips

If you want to own Halo multiplay, then you need these game tips to make other players’ Master Chiefs look like first-year cadets. Learn how to dominate the Halo multiplayer maps. Danger Canyon As a bow-shaped, medium-sized valley of pain, Danger Canyon has a bit of everything: vehicles, sniping positions, multiple paths to the flag, bumpy terrain, […]

Online Gaming Tips

By learning some online gaming tips and strategies, you will eventually learn to enjoy the game and move on to the levels fast and easy. Of course, it does not mean you have to get spoon fed with how to play each level. Learning a few tips will just help you go through each level […]